Welcome to Sporadic Sojourns. This is the place where we (Scott and Rachael Bryson) will be chronicling all of our favorite adventures. The Adventure du Jour is Driving the Pan American Highway from the top of Canada in Tuktoyaktuk to the bottom of Argentina in Ushuaia! We are driving a Toyota Tacoma named The Joan Wilder. We hope you enjoy following along as we explore the Americas!


I think I fell in love with traveling when I was 19 and my dad took my best friend and me on a road trip through Baja California in a cab-over camper. We barely made it down there because California was experiencing a massive flood. I remember seeing the off-ramps of I-5 leading to nothing but water as we headed south. Dad did his best to keep his sanity while we (with the exception of Dad) were mooning over surfer boys and dancing in questionable cantinas. It only took about 20 years for him to recover enough from that trip to travel with me again… Anyhow, I picked up a travel bug early in my life and have been unable to shake it (not that I try very hard).



Canyons and Comfort

Finally, we have begun our reentry into polite society. After 92 days on the road, we have landed in the welcoming embrace of Scott’s Auntie Jo and Uncle Dennis in Park City, Utah. For a time, we can go to sleep without deploying our tent, run an errand in the truck without packing up the …

Parks and Pints

I spent one summer of my early 20’s working as a waitress in Yellowstone National Park. It was there that I learned about how most of the world experiences our national parks. From a car. Yellowstone covers a huge area and the majority of it is devoid of tourists. Rumor has it that

Desperately Seeking Summer

Throughout this road trip it has been an unofficial mantra of mine. I repeat time and again, “If only it were twenty degrees warmer.” If the mantra varies it is only to increase the temperature. “If only it were forty degrees warmer.” I never did specify what would happen if it were to become warmer.