Welcome to Sporadic Sojourns. This is the place where I will be chronicling all of my favorite adventures. My sojourns are sporadic because, although I would like to drop everything and travel the world indefinitely, I have become accustomed to the luxury afforded by having a job. life is unpredictable! My husband and I just dropped everything and are touring the Americas!  Thanks for reading!


I think I fell in love with traveling when I was 19 and my dad took my best friend and me on a road trip through Baja California in a cab-over camper. We barely made it down there because California was experiencing a massive flood. I remember seeing the off-ramps of I-5 leading to nothing but water as we headed south. Dad did his best to keep his sanity while we (with the exception of Dad) were mooning over surfer boys and dancing in questionable cantinas. It only took about 20 years for him to recover enough from that trip to travel with me again… Anyhow, I picked up a travel bug early in my life and have been unable to shake it (not that I try very hard).