Backpacking the K’esugi Ridge

We have a few trails on our backpacking bucket list for this trip and traversing the K’esugi Ridge in Denali State Park is one we can now check off. This hike first got on my radar when I got an email from REI inviting me to purchase a package adventure tour of Alaska. I checked the itinerary to see what type of adventure they were peddling and saw that it included a hike up the K’esugi Ridge. Continue reading “Backpacking the K’esugi Ridge”

Slowing Down on the Kenai Peninsula

Planning a trip of this magnitude warrants a pretty hard look at the cost required. We are estimating about 40,000 miles of driving with an average gas price of $4/gal. We are estimating an average gas mileage for the truck to be around 15mpg. Plus, we had to look at how much time it would take to get to the ends of the Americas without ending up in winter! Also, a close peek at the bank balances had us settling on $50/day. Average.  Continue reading “Slowing Down on the Kenai Peninsula”

Arctic Quest!

This journey to explore the Pan American Highway has very little in the way of scheduling. Really, only seasonal variations and our desire to be comfortable are dictating our schedule. We are going to avoid winter if at all possible for the next couple of years. That being said, we did have one solid goal we both agreed upon on. That was to be at the Arctic Circle to watch the sun not go down on the solstice. That goal served two purposes. One was to get us the heck out of our house and on the road, and the other was… Never mind, there was only one purpose. Continue reading “Arctic Quest!”

That One Time We Went to Thailand with My Parents (Part 3)

Street art around Chiang Mai

This is a continuation of a longer story that will make so much more sense if begun by reading Part 1!

On my first trip to Thailand all those years ago we went up to Chiang Mai via overnight train. I had a top bunk with a window that opened so that I could gamble with decapitation if the notion struck me. Continue reading “That One Time We Went to Thailand with My Parents (Part 3)”