That One Time We Went to Thailand with My Mom and Dad (Part 2)

This is a continuation of a story that will make much more sense if read from the beginning… Start with Part 1!

So there we were, standing around looking lost at the canal boat terminal. I may have had a guidebook in my hand. We may have all been pointing in different directions. We may have looked like we needed some help. Continue reading “That One Time We Went to Thailand with My Mom and Dad (Part 2)”

Hiking the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail



In anticipation of my 40th birthday, I scoured the web for fun adventures that I might want to do to celebrate. Knowing that I could only get about two weeks off of work I wanted to cut down on travel time to whichever destination I settled on.  Also, I wanted a physically challenging trip to prove to myself that 40 was just a number and I could still do anything I wanted. Continue reading “Hiking the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail”

A Week in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Costa Rica

The Perfect Place to Hang our Hats!

Most years of my adult life our family has converged on my brother’s house to celebrate Christmas. He is well equipped to host us. He has a gracious wife, cute kiddos (teenagers now!) and ample floor space. Last year while we stared out at the grey Oregon sky after the flurry of gift unwrapping and cookie munching had subsided the notion of Destination Christmas took ahold of us. Mom volunteered to sponsor the trip. Thanks, Mom!!! A few location ideas were volleyed and vetoed before we settled on Costa Rica. Fun in the sun was what we were after. We found it in Puerto Viejo! Continue reading “A Week in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Costa Rica”