Smoke on the Water

As we headed south the air around us was progressively getting smokier. This would be the experience of anyone on the west side of North America. At the time we were traveling through, British Columbia had over 600 significant forest fires burning. At one point we were headed to find our campsite and the smoke was so thick that we were traveling at less than half the speed limit. We decided that it was time to bite the bullet and get a hotel room for the sake of our lungs. I got online and booked us a room in Prince George. Continue reading “Smoke on the Water”

Arctic Quest!

This journey to explore the Pan American Highway has very little in the way of scheduling. Really, only seasonal variations and our desire to be comfortable are dictating our schedule. We are going to avoid winter if at all possible for the next couple of years. That being said, we did have one solid goal we both agreed upon on. That was to be at the Arctic Circle to watch the sun not go down on the solstice. That goal served two purposes. One was to get us the heck out of our house and on the road, and the other was… Never mind, there was only one purpose. Continue reading “Arctic Quest!”