Still in Peru

Sometimes the navigation apps on my phone send us along some crazy routes. Luckily this time, some nice locals were on hand to A. laugh at our folly and B. direct us to the correct route to our destination. We were muscling up a washed-out switchback that, in hindsight, we had a pretty good chance of making it up. Like a strong 50%. We heard some whistling and caught sight of a group of men on the road above waving at us frantically.

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That One Time We Went to Thailand with My Parents (Part 3)

Street art around Chiang Mai

This is a continuation of a longer story that will make so much more sense if begun by reading Part 1!

On my first trip to Thailand all those years ago we went up to Chiang Mai via overnight train. I had a top bunk with a window that opened so that I could gamble with decapitation if the notion struck me. Continue reading “That One Time We Went to Thailand with My Parents (Part 3)”